By completing the purchase order, the customer confirms the provided data are true and gives consent to their further processing and use for follow-up communication concerning the purchase order and follow-up marketing communication.

The supplier shall include the purchase order in the production schedule after it has been paid in full. The production takes at least 3–4 weeks. All prices are given in EUR and are VAT inclusive. The postage prices vary depending on the target country and are based on price lists of international carriers.

The supplier reserves the right to price changes and is not liable for taxes or custom duties applicable in the customer’s country. If the product is sent back to
the Supplier due to the customer’s failure to pick it up, the customer may request the product to be resent solely if the customer pays any additional transport costs in advance.

A 2-year warranty for construction defects applies to the product. The warranty shall not apply to any surface damage caused by use.

The customer acknowledges and agrees they are purchasing a hand-made product, and therefore the product may differ slightly from the products shown in the offer. Il Martino products or their parts may not be machine- or hand-washed.

The Supplier reserves the right to variations from to the presented photographs. The customer understands that the “Altezza” line products must be placed solely to room corners and their back parts must be fastened to the wall.